After the flood

bloom in the stones 5-14

There are so many stones to love...

There are so many stones to love…

It’s been 8 months since the flood and now I am back almost in the real world.  I lost my studio, barn, garage and much fencing & thanks to many volunteers a few grants and much help from friends, things are coming together.

I finally have some new work that is totally inspired by what our river looks like now.

New work finally.

Once again it’s been way too long since I have posted here… Thought I’d put up a few new pieces that have come out.  Not that I haven’t been working, I just am not as good at posting as my many blog friends are.  I read everybody else’s posts, just don’t think to get mine up.  It usually takes me a while to get pics then I forget to post them… Will try harder.


This is a pic of a commission piece I recently did for a beautiful house up in the hills above Boulder.  They have aspen groves and a visiting bear.  Fun to do…ImageImage