ghost ranch 2007

This years experience was wonderful as usual.  Going there is such a retreat away from the worldly everything and I love it.. a group of 8 of us have been going every fall for the past 9 years and we use a large studio on the upper mesa and bunk up there as far away from the main goings on as we can be.  It is beautiful and quiet and oh so inspiring to be in a studio with floor to ceiling windows with views so large and clear one can see miles.  We have to walk up and down the mesa for our meals and have daily hikes to various spots around that are beautiful as well as inspiring.  An after-lunch hike out to Georgia O’Keefes summer house and studio truly kicks your butt back to the studio to paint inspired as all get out.ode-to-spirit-9-07-72.jpgbag-ladies-07-72.jpg

This year we had 10, the biggest group we have allowed.  What a great bunch though, we all painted, painted, painted.  Only a few had Open Studios later so there wasn’t as much pressure to perform and that was nice.  Amy’s presence kept the studio buzz to a minium, the music was eclectic and I already wish I was there now again..  Next year……


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