Sometimes it just doesn’t work the way you want it…

learning curveIt is about time I showed these huge mistakes, and we are supposed to learn from this stuff, even tho it way hurts.  This was a project for a design center showroom (36 x 28 x 1/2″) that I tried 3 times.  The first I went up too fast to slump it, the second I slowed down the ramp and it turned out beautiful, then when I drilled the drain we got a crack that went up about 2″ from there… Since the ramp had worked for the second, I repeated it and we did this again in the ramp up… still too fast up and the second had been a fluke, I guess.  So, after completing a mirror, a shelf, a backsplash and 2 lamps, I decided to cut my losses  and opt out of the design center.. I did learn that I did not want to do sinks for a living and to slooooow way down in the slump ramp for a project this size.  Lots of potmelts here……..


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