Lake scene commission finished…YEA!

Lake scene 6-09--72

This is the left side of a commission that went to Michagan.  Each side is 18″wide and 60 ” tall.

This piece took lots of time but I liked the way it turned out. It also was out of my zone, but I think that just pushes one in new directions. It will border a window that looks out on a nice lake scene and the owner likes to fish and hunt so that is where I went with it.

Pattern bar detail -72

This is a detail of the left side pattern bar.  This piece was delivered fine and hung and the customer loved it.  An hour or so later the molding that surrounds the window came loose and it crashed to the floor.  Looks like I will be doing it again.  Job security I think that is called…


One thought on “Lake scene commission finished…YEA!

  1. Hi Robin – I’m visiting on Kathleen’s recommendation and so glad I did! Your work is beautiful and I love your colors. This is a great piece, especially the different patterns on the left. How awful that it crashed – but you seem to be taking it in good spirits…

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