Ghost Ranch ’09 & a few new paintings…

We had another great year at GR and cranked away on some new work.  WE also ate lots.

Lotus Reflection 9-09--72

Lotus Reflecting – mixed media on canvas


Reflected Journey 9-09-72

Reflected Journey – mixed media on paper, framed


Reflected Magic 9-09-72

Reflected Magic – mixed media on canvas


There certainly is a theme here and it carried out throughout.  Maybe I am doing a little reflection these days and the shiny foil is something to bounce it all off of.  My goal now is to improve my chinese brushwork for the center details as I am sure there are more of these to come….


3 thoughts on “Ghost Ranch ’09 & a few new paintings…

  1. Hi Robin!

    I was wondering how your vacation was? Nice to hear some about it and see what you did. I really like the Reflected Magic piece, especially with a little bit of Celtic thrown in. Cool.

    Looking forward to seeing more in the near future.

    • I do go there most every fall, but not to teach, to play and paint with friends for a week. I do teach classes in my studio in Lyons, co where it is as beautiful as GR in its own way. Let me know what you are interested in.

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