Commission completed!!! YEA!

the wall

part of wall

The bar wallI just finished a sculpture I have been working on since April. A big commission for Que Bueno, a restaurant at Denver International Airport, terminal B. Please check it out next time you are flying somewhere. This piece was 80 square feet of 1″thick glass supported in a stainless steel frame. Much fun but I am glad it is finished. Just saw it installed and got a few pictures with many patrons present. I guess the airport never closes as this was at 9 in the morning.

7 thoughts on “Commission completed!!! YEA!

  1. Beautiful & a big accomplishment! Thanks for sharing. I’m curious how you price your work on a project like that? I’ve done some big installations & then at the end when I’m re-calculating usually figure out I haven’t made much money ~ especially on a project like this that is 1 inch thick! That’s heavy glass to install!

    Great job & again thanks for posting your work! Tam

    • Tam, thanks for your comments. I price my work by the sq ft knowing how many layers it takes & what it will cost me. I figure that is about 1/3 of the total and go from there. I did ok on this project. It turned out to be 80 sq ft of 1’thick glass. The support was done by the construction folks and not in my bid. Worked thru an archecitect on this project and was fun.

      I went to your site and very much like your work.. we think on the same vein it looks. How did you find my site? I am always looking for others.

      • Hey Robin ~
        Thanks for replying. I think I either goggled glass artists or there was a link from Cynthia Morgan? i really love seeing what she’s up too. I’ve done a little casting & started a series of cast “eyes” that I thought at some point I’d mount them all together on a board as sort of an “eye candy” piece…Ha!

        I’ve found it hard to find blogs of other glass artists like myself who are doing larger installations both residentially & commercially. I primarily wholesale my line of jewelry & dinnerware too.

        Anyway, next time I’m in Denver I’m going to have dinner or drinks in that restaurant & admire your work. 🙂 Happy holidays! T

    • Ellen, so nice to see you here..I love it when other glassies visit. As you can tell I am not the wonderful poster that you are.
      Yes these were fused 1″ thick. Being as an archectect was doing the job I didn’t worry about code. Figured he had that under control. It would take quite a lot to break one of these pieces.

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