Robin’s BIG b’dayShe lives outside of a small community in the foothills of the Colorado rockies with a number of critters; horses, dogs and many cats along with the wild ones, coyotes, some bears the usual racoons, skunks and rattlesnakes to name a few.  There are many birds and a golden eagle nest just down the creek.  The horses have about 250 acres to run wild on and they do.  Life here is pretty sweet and she leaves to get groceries or the mail in town seldom. 

Her studio is in a converted construction trailer she had moved in about 1oo yards from the house under the cottonwoods by the creek and the sight of a beaver or ducks swimming just outside her window is common.

2 thoughts on “About ROBIN & HER STUFF

  1. Please add me to the mailing list for classes for kids or summer opportunities. My daughter would love to learn some new skills and we donate her art to the Morgan Adams Foundation Artma event every 2 years. thanks so much

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