Gallery Window time again…

Here it is that time again.  Seems like I just did this yesterday.  Maybe if I posted more often I wouldn’t feel that way.  But, I really like the way the window looks this year, somewhat more tied together.  Lots of leaves.  After the opening I will add a pic of it.


Amber River & leaves – 16″ d – kilnworked glass 

Forest Illusion – mixed media painting – 24x24x2 

Aspen Mandala – mixed media painting – 12x12x2

Garnet River

Garnet River

This is a new large bowl, originally ment to be a sink, but the customer changed her mind.  It is 17″ across and about 6″ deep and very red…I loved taking this pic outdoors on a red sandstone slab that reflected the red in the piece well.  Red is not a color that I use very much and after this I may include it in my palette.  It is always interesting to go a new direction and see what happens.

Kitty prints

Walked Mija up the road the other day and all the way up the drive followed these prints. 

Sneaking in for a close look.

Sneaking in for a close look.

The new snow was so light you could see the fur prints around the foot if you looked closely.  Too wonderful I had to go back to get the camera.  I love it when I see visable proof that the neighborhood critters are as interested in me as I am in them.

Winter Fused Glass Workshop

Once a year I hold a workshop in my studio in Lyons, Colorado.  The best time for me is the winter as things are a bit quieter.  This year it will be the weekend of March 13 & 14 from 9:30 – 4:30 on Saturday and 9:30 – 1 on Sunday.  

This is the perfect class for those who want a refresher course or for the complete beginner. It will be a hands-on intensive class that will cover the basics of fusing and slumping, including kiln and mold preparation, glass selection, project design, firing schedules, annealing, and compatibility testing.  

We will make an 8″ two layered project (a plate of a hanging piece) using frit, stringer, paint, mica’s and inlays.

 If you want more info or to sign up please contact me at


I was way too busy yesterday to post but this is my favorite day of the season. And it was a beautiful one. Blue and sunny and warm, a thought of things to come as today is cloudy, chilly and looking like more snow. I cleaned up my house, took Mija to the groomers and grocery shopped then made a pot of yummy spinach-coconut cury soup with crunchy bread and had a dozen friends over to celebrate.

Spirit Birds

Spirit Birds – kilnworked glass window 16 x 18

I finished this piece as a memorial window for a client’s mother who recently passed.  Her mother loved birds and was a redhead.  These type memorials are cropping up more and more.  Nice to do for some one with a loving intention.


Just busy..

Another new piece hot out of the kiln and what fun it was to do too.  This was a commissioned piece to go in a bath to hide the road outside.  I have a lot of fun putting together a design from elements that a client suggests.  This window has native american symbols that have meaning for the clients and enjoyment for me.

Native turtle dance 10-09-72

Native Turtle Dance – the size is 24×20 and it is kilnworked glass

The pic could have been better centered but I was too anxious to see what we had.  Hurry, hurry. 

Gallery Window/Show October, 2009

I have the window spot for the next several weeks at Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery and I think it looks super.  This shot is of the opening evening. 

window 09 - 72

Considering I didn’t use a flash because of all the glass reflections or use my tripod, I think the pic turned out well.  Maybe I will go back and use that tripod on an evening when the window is lit up but the store is closed.  Might look better.